Episode 41: Kim Corden and Working In the Divine

December 18, 2018

I can almost guarantee you've never heard an interview like this very special conversation with Kim. Kim makes her living in a peculiar and spectacular way. Listen in to how she is changing people's lives, business, and spirits by spending time in the gap.

Episode 40: Suzy MacKenzie and the Determination to Follow The Dream In The Right Timing

December 6, 2018

Listen to Suzy's story of following her several passions until she finally got the opportunity to combine them into a non-profit that keeps giving to her community and beyond.

Episode 39: Tommy Deuschle and How an Encouraging Community Changed a Whole Nation

October 8, 2018

All the way from Zimbabwe! What a privelege it was to speak to Tommy Deuschle across the ocean about the inspiring and massive change he is bringing to his entire nation. Starting in the basement with a small group of people that group has become bigger and mroe effective than they could have even imagined. A founder of an award-winning creative agency, a pastor, a songwriter, and a crocodile hunter, Tommy doesn't have a lot of free time, but he used some of it to tell us the story of the amazing things happening in his community and hopefully across the world.

Episode 38: BethAyn and Eric Rognmoe and the Story Miraculous Support in the ICU and Beyond

October 3, 2018

BethAyn and Eric do not shy away from the deepest, darkest, most vulnerable pieces of their story in this interview with Sandy. Imagine your whole life being flipped upside down in an instant and spending over two months pacing the hospital hallways wondering if your child would ever be able to open her eyes again. BethAyn and Eric are some of the most determined, hopeful people we have ever experienced. They say the support ehy received during one of the scariest moments of their life was amazing AND highlighted how so many don't have it. Listen to how they consistenly look outside themselves to how they can help their communities even in the midst of their biggest pain.

Episode 37: Karen Cassel and the Magic of Moving Your Body

September 18, 2018

Karen has been a dear friend, teacher, mentor, and fellow artist for many years in our lives so it was quite an honor to get to interview her. Being involved in the arts her whole life, her journey has still taken unepected twists and turns. As the owner of RISE Dance Company, she gets to inspire young dancers every day and while encouraging them to believe in themselves, she learns how to believe in herself as well. Tune in to this special episode with Karen Cassel!

Episode 36: Diana Hollister and Overcoming the Monster of Addiction One Day At A Time

September 12, 2018

Diana sits down with us and shares some of the most horrific parts of her story of domestic abuse, homelessness, extreme poverty, and addiction not just for her, but for her kids. She then takes those challenges and setbacks and not only overcomes them, but creates community and support to help other people walk through the fire one day at a time. Diana is the State Chapter Chair for Addiction Resource Center. More information on ARC can be found at https://www.addictionresourcecenter.org/ or you can call their toll free number at 1-833-301-HELP.

Episode 35: Tracy Boone with the Beautiful, Inspiring, and Challenging Effort of Overcoming

September 4, 2018

 We are so deeply inspired by Tracy's tenacity to keep going. Tracy's life has truly been mountain peaks and deep valleys with waves of grief and tragedy crashing when she least expected it. However she has continued to press on, hold on, and fight through it to come out the other side. We are so lucky to know and love and work with Tracy. You will be so inspired by her story of miracles!

Episode 34: Eric Reamer with the Magic of Things Not Going As Planned

August 27, 2018

Last week you got to hear Angel Tuccy's launch into living her truest self and this week we get to hear her radio co-host, Eric's winding path of a life! We felt so honored that Eric shared some of the darkest pieces of his story with us and showed us what perseverance, sacrifice, and rolling with the punches really looks like. Listen in to all the different hats Eric has worn in his life and what he is dedicating his time to now!

Episode 33: Angel Tuccy with How Rejection Can Lead to Even Bigger Opportunity

August 20, 2018

You might recognize this voice from 34 episodes again because Angel is back and she is beginning a new, wild adventure in her life! Last time we spoke to Angel she was in the top 1% of her field, hosting more than 4 hours of radio a day. This podcast interview opens with a vulnerable and unexpected story of rejection and how it sent her spinning into the life she didn't even know she wanted to lead AND how it feels so, so right. To make this episode even more exciting, her husband, Jay Tuccy joins us and tells us fmor his perspective how this is shifting their lives and time spent together and how they both truly feel like they are honeymooning again.

Episode 32: Steph Holmbo with the The Necessity of Creating

August 10, 2018

Our podcast producer, Steph Holmbo, steps in front of the microphone to tell us about her passion for artistry and the local community supporting it. Listen to stories about how Steph once dreamed about being a window washer, getting accepted into her dream school, not for window washing mind you, and learning how to grieve in all the wrong ways. We love that Steph brings such creativity and authenticity to her role on this team. You will love learning about her!